Code of Conduct

Pickens County YMCA Membership Code of Conduct
The YMCA expects you to observe basic rules of conduct.  In the YMCA, as in any group, rules are necessary.  These rules apply to all.  They list certain practices, which cannot be tolerated; however they are not all inclusive.  Common sense, what is reasonable under the circumstances, will be used as the guideline in all cases. The protection of our members and guests participating in our programs and/or using our facilities is a paramount interest of the Pickens County YMCA.  The Pickens County YMCA reserves the right to deny access or membership to any person who has been convicted of any crime involving sexual misconduct; is a registered sex offender; habitually or excessively uses narcotics or dangerous drugs; has ever been convicted of any offense relating to the use, sale, possession, or transportation of narcotics or habit forming and/or dangerous drugs; or continuously or excessively use intoxicating beverages.
One of the main goals of the Pickens County YMCA is to encourage exercise and good health among children and adults.  To achieve this goal, each child and adult must feel comfortable at the YMCA.  These policies are subject to change.  The CEO determines interpretation and enforcement of these policies.  Appeals of the CEO’s decision can be made to the Membership Committee in writing.  (Refer To:  Membership Grievance Policy)
All members are required to bring their membership cards when using the facilities. 
Each member is expected to dress in a manner deemed appropriate for the YMCA, for being in a co-ed environment and among children.  Shirt and shoes are to be worn at all times throughout the building.  Shirts and shoes are not required in areas where bathing suits are permitted.
Alcohol, drug and tobacco possession or use is not permitted on YMCA grounds or during YMCA programs as we promote healthy lifestyles.  Persons suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the YMCA property. 
Members must be 12 & older to use the locker rooms unsupervised.  Children 6 or older cannot enter into the opposite sex locker room. Locks will not be provided.  You may use your own lock. Locks which are left on overnight are subject to removal. Please lock up your belongings while visiting the Y.  The YMCA is not responsible for items in lockers. 
Children ages 14 and under may not be left unsupervised in the facility or in the pool areas.  A supervised child is defined by active supervision by a parent/guardian age 18 & up.  Children ages 15 and up must have their membership card with them in order to access the facilities.  Wellness & Strength Centers: Children ages 11-14 are allowed in the Wellness & Strength Center but must be actively supervised by a parent or guardian.  Children ages 7-14 are allowed in the Interactive Zone but must be actively supervised by a parent or guardian.  Children 10 and under are prohibited from entering the Wellness & Strength Centers. 
Firearms and weapons of any kind, including concealable weapons, are not permitted on YMCA property or during YMCA programs at any time.  Crimes committed on YMCA property, misdemeanor or felony, may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if deemed necessary by the CEO and Membership Committee.
Some recreation equipment is available at the Member Services desk.  A driver’s license should be presented to check out equipment and will be retained until return of equipment. 
Members are expected to follow posted facility rules and notices while at the YMCA.  i.e.: Treadmill time limits, Gym closing for YMCA programming, Swimming Pool Scheduling, etc.  Loitering is prohibited on all YMCA property.
Pets are not permitted on YMCA property.
All of the acts below are prohibited:
VERBAL ABUSE:  Profane language, racial, ethnic or cultural slurs
PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE:  Intimidation, attacking another’s self-esteem and/or threats to another person.
SEXUAL HARASSMENT:  Verbal or physical
SEXUAL BEHAVIOR: Any forms of sexual behavior
PHYSICAL VIOLENCE:  All forms; including consented acts of perceived violence
Anyone containing ANY of the above referenced acts will be subject to sanctions including, but not limited to, the following:
1. Removal from the YMCA facility
2. Suspension of up to one year from the facility
3. Suspension of up to one year from participation or 
    attendance in all YMCA sponsored programs and functions
4. Termination of membership privileges or employment with the
Updated on: 12/29/10