Outside Mentoring

Outside Mentoring is an additional, optional layer that a mentor can request when he/she wants to meet with their mentee outside school hours and off school grounds.  Please review all polcies and procedures on the Off-Site and Waiver Permission form, as well as the Overview and Additional Policiesdocument below.  In order to participate in OM, you must
  • have met with your mentee at least 10 times
  • print out, sign and date the Off-Site Waiver and Permission form and return to the Director
  • wait until you receive approval from the Director
  • complete the Off-Site Reporting Form when you plan an activity with your mentee.  This must be completed and submitted online.  Print outs will not be accepted.
Please note:
Once you sign, date and return the Waiver (requesting Outside Mentoring), you cannot have contact with the Waiver again until you receive the completed copy back with your approval letter.  The Director will contact the parent/guardian and request the approval signature directly from them.  They must return the waiver back to the Director.  The Waiver cannot be given to you to turn in.  This is to protect you from accusation of forgery.  The Waiver remains in effect indefinitely until withdrawn by the parent/guardian, so you only need to complete the Waiver once.
Any questions should be addressed to the Director.

Off-Site Waiver and Permission

Off-Site Reporting Form

Overview and Additional Policies