Personal Training


A trainer's job is to examine a client's current fitness level and to set up a program that will keep that client focused and motivated. An individualized program will include strength training, weight management, cardiovascular exercise, nutrition advice and flexibility training.  The trainer will push the client to achieve a goal that might be difficult to do on his or her own.  If you are interested in training with a family member or friend please see a Wellness Director.

WHAT IS A SESSION LIKE?                                    MEMBERS

Each session lasts 30 minutes.                                                                      1 session.......... $20
Your Personal Trainer utilizes                                                                        8 sessions......... $150
your health and exercise history,                                                                 16 sessions........ $275
your short and long term goals and                                                             24 sessions........ $375
your measurements to create your
workouts and helps you focus on
proper exercise techniques that will
help you achieve your goals. The
trainer assesses your progress and
implements changes as needed.
For ages 13 & Up.