The Doodle Trail

Your primary source for information on The Doodle Trail! The trail opened on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015.  It connects the towns of Easley and Pickens in the northwestern corner of South Carolina. The paved trail follows the former Doodle Line for just over 8 miles and includes two bridges along the trail. The trail is open 7 days per week, dawn to dusk. 

Why the name 'Doodle Trail'?
The former railway that it follows began passenger and freight service in 1898 and was called the “Doodle” because it ran backwards on the return trip like a doodlebug between the cities of Pickens and Easley. Trains have the ability to go forward and in reverse with the same power and speed.

Rules of the Trail

Open sunrise to sunset
(See times on right)

No motorized mopeds or vehicles

Pack it in, Pack it out. Leave no trace.

Pets are allowed but please bring
your own waste bags.

Please stay to the right of the trail.
Trail traffic is just like a normal road, to the right.

When passing someone, yell to them
so they know you are coming.
"To your left!" is a popular phrase.

Please stop at all stop signs.

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One of three areas of focus for our YMCA is healthy living.  It is our mission to improve the health and well being in our community one person at a time.  Because of this, we supported the construction of and now the use of The Doodle Trail so that our community can combat obesity and health related diseases.

The Doodle Trail Facebook Page has great information on current happenings and community events taking place: