A Wellness Recovery Program

Research conducted at the Cleveland Clinic showed a 35% reduction in Parkinson’s patient symptoms by the simple act of pedaling a bicycle at a rapid pace - optimally 80-90 revolution per minute. Pedaling is not a cure for Parkinson’s disease and should not be touted as such, but there is compelling evidence to show that it does make a real difference for many.

If you are interested in finding out more about Pedaling 4 Parkinson's or would like to participate, please fill out this interest form or contact one of our branches.

Session Dates, Cost and Location

YMCA Members: Free
Pickens YMCA 2020 Start Dates: January 10, February 24, April 27
Powdersville YMCA 2020 Start Dates: January 6
Easley YMCA 2020 Start Dates: TBA

To Register

Pickens YMCA at 878-8380
Paulo Passini, Wellness Director, at the Powdersville YMCA at 625-2066
Dennis Loftis, Wellness Director, at the Easley YMCA at 343-6840

A Medical Release Form must be received in order to finalize registration.

Program Highlights

Who is eligible?