Coaching Opportunities

If you wish to coach for this season, please contact us now! 

Tools for Success As a Y Coach

You have the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. Here are some important tools for a successful season. 

Safety First
The safety of the kids is our first priority!

Communication of changes in practice, games and other activities are a huge priority in the success of sports programs. 

Everyone Plays
We want every child to gain skills and develop a love for sports! This can only be accomplished if every child is given the opportunity to participate.

Positive Competition
The focus is not to win at all costs, but coaching your athletes to compete well, do their best and strive to win within the rules.

Role Model
Be positive. Have a sense of humor. Be on time. Be consistent. Be fair. Display the YMCA values. 

Have Fun
As a coach you are blessed with an awesome opportunity to influence children’s lives through sports. It is important for you to enjoy yourself and your players in their successes. If you are having fun then your players will too.