Ryan Lemere

Ryan Lemere
[email protected]

Ryan Lemere is the Director of Operations for the YMCA of Easley, Pickens & Powdersville and has been with our Y since 2009.

In his role, Ryan is responsible for equipment management, asset purchasing, Information Technology, emergency action procedures and risk management. Previously, Ryan has served in Member Services, Sports and as Childcare Branch Executive.

Ryan has a passion for the mission of the Y and helping others. He is a problem-solver, liking to figure out what isn’t working and resolving problems. Ryan also likes the challenge of identifying issues in order to prevent mistakes from happening.

When he’s not at the Y, Ryan loves to spend time with his wife, Hannah, and his four children, Riley, Jase, Kinley and Boone. He loves sports, The Office and science fiction. Ryan says that if it weren’t for his wife and kids, he would waste his life as an overgrown teenager playing video games all day.