Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith
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Ryan Smith is the Mentor Director for Pickens County and Anderson School District 1, a role he began in 2021. Ryan is no stranger to our YMCA and our Mentor Program. Ryan began working for our YMCA as a part of the Childcare department in 2005 and then went on to serve as our Sports Director, Membership Director and Pickens Branch Executive before stepping into an opportunity with Duke Energy. Ryan has also served as a Mentor within the Y Mentor program.

In his role as Mentor Director for the Y Mentor program, Ryan recruits and trains volunteer mentors to meet with a student for 30 minutes per week, forms and fosters relationships with the school districts, local businesses, churches and organizations and leads a team of mentor coordinators.

Ryan has a passion for serving the children and families of our communities. He loves to be out in the community to bring people together to serve the needs of others. Particularly, Ryan is always excited to share the mission of the Y Mentor program and the overwhelming need for mentors in our schools.

When he not at the Y, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Haley, and their two children.