Scotty Goodale

Scotty Goodale
[email protected]

Scotty Goodale is one of the Properties Directors for the YMCA of Easley, Pickens & Powdersville and joined our association in 2021.

In his role, Scotty is responsible for all of the facility maintenance and safety of the property at the Powdersville YMCA. He also helps make sure the exercise equipment and the pools are in working order for our members.

Scotty has an extensive background in maintenance and cares about his work and what he does. He has certifications in HVAC, CPO, EPA and CPR.

Scotty has heterochromia, which means he has two different color eyes (one green and one blue). Heterochromia presents in about .06% of the population. Scotty enjoys collecting sneakers, getting new tattoos, retro video games, horror movies and cheesy action flicks. He is also a certified chef.