Our Y staff has had the opportunity to provide care for many of our area's children during Summer Camp as well as Emergency Childcare during the spring. Many counselors who, in a "normal year" work 11 weeks of Summer Camp, will have worked 23 consecutive weeks of camp and Emergency Childcare as we have worked to best-serve our community during pandemic-related closures.

But there are so many fun and heartfelt stories of children who have thrived through these challenging times and also brought joy to the lives of our staff. Among those countless stories, we would like to introduce you to Archer.

"Archer has loved camp! And I am so thankful for the Y and all of the workers," Sheila, Archer's mom, said. "I'm sure it's been stressful, but it was a lifesaver for me and my husband to have the option to send him to Summer Camp."

Archer's favorite thing about camp has been swimming, and his parents said he has far exceeded their expectations, becoming "the best little swimmer." He is able to swim without a lifejacket or floats and loves to play in the pool with his tribe-mates.

The children in Summer Camp love their counselors, and Archer is no different. His favorite counselors are Brayden, Anslee and Davis because they are "very cool! The counselors do fun activities and games with us," Archer said. "My favorite game I've learned during camp is crab dodgeball."

Archer loves to talk about superheroes, and will gladly tell you all of his favorite heroes and villains - Spiderman and SpiderWoman, Iron Man and Xmen villain Magneto. His knowledge even stumped our staff, as he knew more about the characters and their abilities that our staff did.

With school scheduled to resume in Anderson One and Pickens County, Summer Camp is winding down, and we will resume our traditional After School program. You can learn more about After School and register today! However, with COVID-19 and potential school closures, we are planning to once again offer full-day Emergency Childcare in the event there are school closures. The decision to offer emergency childcare services will be made in real time and communicated to parents via email and social media. Learn more about Emergency Childcare.

August 6th, 2020