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Leona's YMCA Story

In a world that often seems chaotic, having someone who genuinely cares and listens can make all of the difference. Leona, a mentee in the YMCA Mentor Program, has experienced this transformative power firsthand through her connection with her mentor, Ms. Nora. Their bond has not only provided Leona with a listening ear and guidance but also brought her happiness and a positive change in her life.

Prior to meeting Ms. Nora, Leona faced the challenge of not having anyone to confide in about certain aspects of her life. However, with the help of Ms. Nora, Leona now has someone who actively wants to know about her life and encourages her to pursue her dreams. “Ms. Nora talks to me about everything. From school to friends SHE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME AND GENUINELY WANTS TO KNOW ME, FOR ME. Ms. Nora is so kind and my life has changed so much because she is in it. Everyone deserves to have a mentor like Ms. Nora!”

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