Corrie Menendez

Corrie Menendez’s wellness journey started like so many others.

She was a self-confessed “out of shape” mom after the birth of her sixth child. She was a member of another gym in town, but she didn’t feel like she was getting anywhere or making progress.

Her family initially joined the Easley YMCA because of the pool, but Corrie quickly noticed a change in her ability level and how she approached her health and wellness.

“I was able to take some group classes, which helped me figure out that I could do things. And at the other gym, you were on your own,” Corrie said. “Having the group classes helped me figure out what goals I had and connected me with people who were knowledgeable.”

Like so many, Corrie was battling depression prior to coming to the Y. She gives most credit to her faith for overcoming her depression, but coming to the Y also gave her a physical outlet that worked alongside her faith.

“You can get knocked down so low. But when you call on Christ, that can be the biggest game changer,” Corrie said. “The barbell and kettlebell are relentless, and I can get all the stress out. I can lay it all right there, and I come out stronger, physically and mentally.”

Over the course of her time as a Y member, Corrie has lost around 60 pounds. At the end of 2019, Corrie completed a new InBody Analysis. InBody, which is free for members, features more than 20 measurements, including weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, body water and more.

Since her previous InBody body composition analysis, Corrie has seen significant overall change and improvement. Her weight only changed 1 pound, but she has lost 3% of body fat while gaining 3% of muscle mass.

And Corrie wants everyone to know that health and wellness is about more than the one number on the scale.

“The scale is not your friend. I’ve been defined by the scale most of my life, and it’s not a successful relationship,” Corrie said. “The scale itself hasn’t really moved, but that doesn’t matter because I’ve replaced my fat with muscle. Last year I was a size 12, and now I’m a size 8.”

With the start of the 2020 new year, Corrie is excited to see so many new faces at the Y. And she wants each member to know that their goals are within reach if they will take charge of their wellness journey.

“You have to own your journey, because if you don’t then you’re just going to keep giving it away,” Corrie said. “You are your own worst enemy when it comes to your goals, and if you can get out of your own way, it’s yours.”

In addition to being an active member of the Y, Corrie also became a Group Wellness instructor in July 2019. She now teaches the new CAVEMAN Kettlebells class, HIIT Cycle, Beast Mode Fundamentals and Beast Mode.

Corrie also teaches Ninja Fitness, which is a fun fitness class for adults and kids (5 & up can participate with a parent).

“I love being a team player, and that’s one reason I’m so happy to be on staff here. Everybody’s focus is to just make it better for the members,” Corrie said. “It’s priceless to have camaraderie among a staff working to let the members know that they can be the hero of their story.”



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