Sid Collins, President & CEO

Adrianne Bolding, Executive Assistant

Christy Coffee, Program Development Director

Alida Gardiner, VP of Operations

David Hearne, VP of Communication

Gina Harn, Development Associate

Christy Stancil, VP of Finance

Carrie Raines, Human Resources Director

Ryan Lemere, VP of Facilities & Risk Management

Brandon Callihan, Properties Director

Dylan McCall, Properties Director

Suzanne Flaugher, Branch Executive, Easley YMCA

Justin Barthelmes, Membership Director, Easley YMCA

Dennis Loftis, Wellness Director, Easley YMCA

Laura Cook, Group Wellness Coordinator, Easley YMCA

Tiffany Mullinax, Branch Executive, Pickens YMCA

Tyra Balcombe, Wellness Director, Pickens YMCA

Jennifer Bowling, Membership Director, Pickens YMCA

Amber Rundberg, Aquatics Director, Pickens YMCA

Leebo Keels, Branch Executive, Powdersville YMCA

Adriane Bevis, Aquatics & Sports Director, Powdersville YMCA

Kim McKinney, Group Wellness Coordinator, Powdersville YMCA

Paulo Passini, Wellness Director, Powdersville YMCA

Corie Smith, Membership Director, Powdersville YMCA

Becca Wilkinson, Wellness Supervisor, Powdersville YMCA

Katherine Mayo, Branch Executive, ChildCare Branch

Jennifer Barker, Staff Development Director, Childcare Branch

Alicia Bentley, After School Director, ChildCare Branch

Amy Gantt, ChildCare Administrative Director, ChildCare Branch

Mariah Patel, Camp Director, ChildCare Branch

Kari Jennings, Mentor Director, Y Mentor Program

Christine Economou, Mentor Coordinator, Y Mentor Program

Hannah Mocko, Mentor Coordinator, Y Mentor Program

Board of Directors